About Us

My name is John McLaughlin. I have been in the performance industry for over 25 years and on my own since 2002. I started working in performance parts industry in 1982 at a local speed shop. I stayed in the same industry until opening my own shop in 2002, J&S Performance Center in Glen Burnie, Maryland. It has always been a dream of mine, and with my wife's support, the plan came to realization.
My work, performance auto parts, and my hobby, drag racing, go well together. I got the fever early on in life and it has never left me in 40+ years. I first went to Capitol Raceway in 1966 and I was hooked at the age of 7. I went back to the racetrack in 1973 with a family friend as part of their pit crew and truly got the "racing bug". In 1975, I raced a small block Vega with a four speed. On the street, it felt like it was flying, but on the track, I got my feelings hurt when it ran a 12.50. I then realized that a 12.50 wasn't all that bad for a street car considering that one of the fastest street cars in our area was only running 12.0's.
In 1979, my first full-fledged race car was completed, a 67 Camaro, the "Thriller". On the first outing with the car, it ran 10.50's. Several engine combinations later and the car's best run is a 9.79. We realized the car was not safe enough to run that fast, time for a new car. In 1986, we bought a 1967 Camaro that was a retired Super Gas car. We raced the car for several years with different engines. In 1990, we put the car on the street. Eventually, we got an offer we could not refuse and sold the car to a Camaro enthusiast who is restoring the car to its original state. In turn, we bought a sweet 67 Camaro currently in progress.
It is very hard to stay competitive with Jeg's and Summit, but what we offer at J&S is one on one customer service. We try to get as close to mail order prices as possible. We have a wealth of knowledge available to our customers. All we ask is you give us a chance to serve you to the best of our ability. We look forward to supplying your performance parts needs--stop by and see us!

Thank you, John & Sylvia McLaughlin

J&S Performance Center
7614 Baltimore & Annapolis Blvd.
Glen Burnie, Md. 21060